The Evil Eye… What is it?

As previously mentioned on our website and social media, growing up in a Cypriot household we had several Evil Eye items, whether it was an Evil Eye above the front door, an Evil Eye above the mirror, around our necks in necklace form, a pin with an evil eye on our clothing as a baby a buckthorn pip (honestly this one i could never understand but it is said to have the same properties as an evil eye) and a nazar boncuk/blue stone (We also have these available in store).

An Evil eye catching is a negative energy or can be a malevolent glare. It does not always have to be a deliberate ‘I’m going to make my evil eye catch you and something bad is going to happen to you’, in fact more times it is done without realising. Have you ever had someone compliment something, for example your car, ‘Oh my, your car is so beautiful the colour is amazing’ the next thing you know within a few days or weeks the car breaks down or you end up in an accident, the car gets a scratch… ok ok, you might be thinking – Shansel that is far fetched, it is merely just a coincidence. Well yes it could be a coincidence, but it is also believed to be what we call nazar (the evil eye) and in order to protect yourself from this you would wear or have a physical evil eye on display so that the persons negative glare would be attracted by the physical evil eye in front of them and not attracting the negativity on you or whatever items you are around for example your home, car, on your person.

It is said that when the evil eye breaks, falls or comes loose, it means that it has caught the ‘nazar’ (malevolent glare) so instead of the ‘Nazar’ catching you it has caught the eye on display. Once the physical Evil Eye has broken, comes loose etc you discard it into the bin, a river, a lake, the sea (anywhere but your home) as the negative energy is held within the physical eye ‘protector’ and trust me, you want that type of energy as far away from you as physically possible. This is why if you ever find an evil eye (physical form) on the floor or anywhere and you know that it is not yours NEVER EVER pick it up, as it is said that you will then pick up the negative energy it has protected somebody else from.

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