What are your shipping and processing times?

Currently our non personalised items are taking 3-5 business days for processing. For the UK an additional 2-7days for shipping – this is due to delays within Royal Mail UK and is only a rough guide.

I ordered the wrong size can you swap it for the correct size?

In short yes absolutely! WE do accept returns, however do contact us on our contact us form and check out our policy on returns prior to doing so.

Do you make items for children?

Unfortunately we do not make items for children and although our items are made with super strong cords, chains etc due to the small parts (beads and clasps etc) we advise to keep the items away from children’s reach.

how do i store my jewelery?

Please store gold plated jewellery separately inside the velvet gift pouches provided this is to prevent the elements from tarnishing the colour of the jewellery.

Do you offer free delivery?

We currently do not offer free delivery, however we do offer a discounted delivery to the Southend-On-Sea area. Please contact us for more information on this prior to ordering.

I am unsure of my sizing how do i order?

This is a very common question so our advice here is, if the item is for yourself, you can either 1) take a measuring tape and wrap it around your wrist or ankle or finger and see where the ends meet you can then provide us with the measurement or select from the drop down menu. 2) take a piece of string or wool or a strip of paper wrap around your finger/ ankle/ wrist and then make a mark on where the ends meet, you then take a ruler or a measuring tape and measure the end to the mark made. This will provide you with your size.